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Heart disease is the cause of the inability and premature death for Malaysians nowadays.

Type of HD

A # Congenital heart disease (since pre-birth )
1- Hole in the heart (septum )
2- Heart valves defect

B # Non congenital heart disease ( due to unhealty lifestyle or infection )
1- Rheumatic heart disease
2- Infective heart disease
3- Coronary heart disease (most prevalent)

Heart disease - it occurs as a result of the accumu;ation of fat tissue fibers in the arterial wall. This stack can cause the coronary arteries become narrow and partially blocked.

This willlead to angina pectoris or chest pain dua to the reduced blood flow to the heart muscel. Completely blocked coronary arteries can cause heart attack.

Heart Attack Symptoms

a- Difficulty in breathing.
b- Squeezing chest pain or discomfort in the center or left side of the chest and spread over to left hand and neck.
c- Crushing chest pain that may cause the patient to faint/ unconcious.
d- Breaking out in a cold sweat.
e- Feeling cold despite of the hot ambient temperatures.
f- Dizziness and nausea.

Heart Disease Risk Factors

* Factors that cant't be change

1- AGE - risk increases with age
2- GENDER - research has shown that men have a greater risk of heart attack than women do.
3- HEREDITY - the risk increases if there are family members with the history of heart disease.

* Factor that can be changed

1- Smoking habit
2- High blood cholestrol
3- High blood pressure
4- Diabetics
5- Inactive lifestyle
6- Obesity
7- Prolong stress that is not handled wisely
8- Unhealthy eating

Heart Disease Prevention

1- Perform a variety of exercises ang physical activities

* Perform a variety of exercises for a healthy heart, such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, doing aerobics and sports.

2- Practice Healthy eating

- Eat variety of food based on the food pyramid
- Balance the food intake by doing physical activities.
- Eat rice and other cereal products sufficiently especilally wholegrain products.
- Eat more vegetables and fruits.
- Choose low fat and cholesterol food.
- Choose less sugar and less salt food.

3- Monitor your weight

* to achieve the ideal body mass index (BMI)

4- Control Your Stress

- Plan your time wisely
- Know your ability
- Think positive
- Handle criticsm well
- Make wise decisions
- Build friendship
- Plan changes in life
- Share your problems with other people

5- Control Your Diabetis
* if you are a diabetic

a- Control your blood sugar levels through exercise and healthy eating
b- Monitor your weight
c- Follow your doctors advice and take the medicine according to the schedule.

6- Do Periodic Health Examination

# Periodic health examination can detect early risk factors of heart disease so that prevention can be done.

Perform regular health screening if you are aged 35 years and above.

For those under the age of 35 but at high risk, you are adviced to undergo a health screening to determine the level of:

~ glucose
~ blood cholestrol
~ blood pressure
~ body fat composition

Always monitor your BMI

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